Specialty Key Chains

A vast majority of key chains manufactured are multipurpose ones. So to speak these can be used to carry all sorts of keys, which includes those for the home main door, the wardrobe, safety vault, car, motor bike, office, etc. However, some people prefer specialty key chains. These are uniquely designed to serve a particular purpose.

For instance, sportspersons being sponsored by a company are generally given key chains to their lockers carrying the sponsor’s logo. This is a form of indirect advertising for the sponsoring company, as spectators who watch them during practice sessions look at the key chains and purchase that particular product endorsed by the sportsperson they admire.

To maintain uniformity in the office, certain establishments provide custom specialty key chains for the staff who have personal drawers or cabinets that need to be maintained under lock and key. These key chains carry the logo of the company. They need not be the simple or ordinary ones; they could be something fancy like a stress ball.

Specialty key chains include those that are made for certain professions to further endorse them. For instance, for doctors one can usually avail of key chains in the shape of the cross that represents the medical fraternity. Key chains in the shape of the wheel or spanner are symbolic of those in the field of automobile mechanics.

Another variety of key chains that are termed as specialty are those that can be put to varied uses, especially in times of emergencies. These are the miniature scissors, penknife, pen, lighter, torch, paper cutter, stapler, sewing kit, Swiss knife, screwdriver kit, comb, etc.