Ribbon Key Chains

The red ribbon is symbolic of the worldwide crusade against AIDS and HIV. On December 1, every year people around the world wear a red ribbon in a particular way, which is regarded as the symbol of world AIDS day. On such a day people even sell key chains with ribbons folded in the symbolic fashion.

Apart from something as important as this, ribbons generally have a feel good factor, especially the flowing satin ones. Some people prepare their own ribbon key chains at home. They keep a couple of key rings and in accordance to the attire they wear they tie ribbons onto the ring, with the ends flowing freely. Some ladies purchase an additional hook, which they fix onto the ring so that they can hang these key chains onto their handbags or purses.

These handmade gifts are so simple to make, that some young children make them and gift them to their parents or siblings. What one essentially needs to make ribbon key chains is a couple of spare key rings with the small chain attached to it and ribbons of all colors, or preferred colors. You could begin with winding the ribbon around the ring and then tying bows with the free ends just hanging lose.

Apart from the homemade ribbon key chains you can get yourself ribbon doll key chain. Or other objects made from ribbons, such as flowers. These key chains are essentially meant for women of all ages. After all no male would want to be seen carrying a key chain with dangling ribbons matching his attire. Surely this is more of a woman thing!