Promotional Keychains

Wherever you go your keychain goes with you! Keeping this in mind a large number of companies are adopting the concept o corporate gifting and giving away promotional keychains to their myriad of clients and customers. According to the marketing management department of a company, people carrying accessories with their logo is a form of indirect marketing, as it creates awareness amongst consumers.

It is not just the automobile industry that gives away promotional keychains, but other companies too. These include the small, medium and large-scale industries or companies. During festivals most small-scale companies get customized keychains made that carry their company logo and contact information with a greeting. Apart from companies, films that are about to be released design merchandise to promote their films. These they either give away free or place them at gift stores to be sold. While this is a common trend abroad, it is picking up momentum in India.

Handing out promotional keychains is not just a trend amongst well-established companies, but also forms the basis of promotional activity for newly launched products. As mentioned above, the more the people carrying keychains that endorse a product or company, the more the awareness. And undoubtedly, this is a cost-effective corporate gift.

When selecting promotional products that are being used to promote or endorse something, it is vital that something attractive is selected. This is because anything too plain and simple would just be kept away or rather thrown away. However, if it is something that is eye-catching, then people would carry it around and the entire exercise would not be considered a waste. It is preferable to design something that is child friendly as they are the ones who tend to attract heir parents towards the freebies.