Mickey Mouse Keychain

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s most famous and probably oldest cartoon character. He has gained popularity all over the world and amongst almost every age group. While this cartoon character is of American origin, various countries have attempted to customize his features to make him identifiable with the local populace. They do this once they have acquired rights from the original creators and when doing so they cannot change his name. They can only add their country’s name. For instance, India’s Mickey Mouse; or Mickey Mouse – India edition.

Whether it is the international one or the localized one, Mickey Mouse merchandise is sold in almost every global departmental store and toyshop around the world. While children make most of clothes, stationary, lunch boxes, plates, cups, spoons, forks, caps and bags carrying Mickey Mouse imprints; adults make do with the Mickey Mouse keychain.

Many may find it unfashionable to carry a Mickey Mouse keychain, as it is a character much adored by children. But there is no ground rule in any part of the world that states that what children enjoy, adults cannot enjoy. In fact, if you identify with any character either from a fairy tale, a film or Walt Disney, then there is no harm carrying merchandise that endorses it. It is in fact more fun than carrying something serious and termed as adult-like. Who knows the key chain with Mickey Mouse on it can take you down smiling memory lane during stressful moments.

The Mickey Mouse keychain could be a rubber doll with bendable arms and legs. Or it could be just his face pasted onto a cutout of plastic, leather, sponge or any other material. You could also purchase these keychains in varied poses and expressions. And if Mickey Mouse was your favorite character in your childhood, you could relive those days by handing out these keychains to your child’s friends on his/her birthday