Keychain Stress Ball

Also called an office toy, the stress ball is actually known to lower high stress levels at the office and at home o while driving. The stress ball is generally made from rubber and can pressed into any shape, with it regaining its original round shape. When squeezing the ball with utmost strength, it is said that one is given the opportunity to vent out anger and frustration without creating a scene.

Apart from mental and emotional stress the stress ball eases out the stress and fatigue the hands go through. In fact this has become an essential tool in offices. For this reason the keychain stress ball is something that you will see people commonly carrying these days. These are available in various attractive colors and textures.

In offices, almost every one has a separate cabinet or drawer that is kept under lock and key. Keeping his in mind most offices provide their employees with a keychain stress ball so that, this so-called office toy is within reach as and when it is required. It is ideal for those who are constantly typing. This is because sometimes the fingers tend to go stiff or get locked due to constant typing for a couple of hours at a stretch, and squeezing the stress ball for a coupe of minutes eases out this tension.

People involved in other departments of the company also keep a keychain stress ball at hand as they actually experience a flow out of stress and frustration when they spend a few concentrated moments squeezing the stress ball. This is also a handy driver’s toy. In the sense that when one is constantly driving for long hours the muscles of the arm tend to get tensed and locked, so while waiting for the signal to turn from red to green they could ease out by playing with this ball.

Since this is regarded as an essential and instant stress buster, many schools encourage students to carry these with them. Instead of getting your child something too large and eye catching, maybe you could get them a keychain stress ball. Even if the school does not permit this in the classroom, your child can distress between classes for a few moments without creating a commotion. This is because the keychain ones are generally small in size and fit comfortably within the cup of the palm.