Keychain Pill Fob

A thoughtful and handy gift you can give anyone is a keychain pill fob. Most people tend to think that this is ideal for people who have to carry their medication wherever they go, but this can be carried by anyone and everyone. This is because apart from the life saving medication that some depend on there are other basic pills and capsules that can be used in times of emergencies.

These keychains that are attached to a pill fob are available in varied metals or plastic types. They are generally cylindrical in shape and can carry upto twenty pills. However, it is preferable to carry a stainless steel pill fob as this metal is anti-corrosive and anti-erosive. This means that it will not rust and cause any kind of problems as far as the pills are concerned.


The keychain pill fob is a practical and convenient option in comparison to carrying the medication in the original packaging. You could either fill the fob completely, or on a daily basis put in the required dosage. Apart from pills, tablets and capsules, one can also ask their homeopathic doctor to fill the miniscule pills into the pill fob.

One of the primary advantages of carrying a pill fob as a keychain is that there are fewer chances that you would forget to take your medication as per prescription. Another aspect is the convenience. Since this is a compact pill container, you could carry all your pills in them while traveling for a couple of days. These are available in varied sizes. The smaller ones can be used for daily usage and the larger ones when you are traveling for a few days at a stretch.