Car key chains

With almost every car having a central locking system there is a basic keychain that has the buttons to lock and unlock the car in the case of the auto cop systems. Others need a single key touch to unlock the other doors. A few car models go a step further creating a common key for the doors and the ignition. This is a step ahead from the previous cars that required at least three to four keys – the front door, the ignition, the dickey and the petrol compartment.

Well, whether it is a matter of owning a car that requires a single key or multiple keys, beyond the central-locking-buttoned keychain people prefer carrying car key chains in which they place all that unlocks and locks the car. This is because people tend to forget their keys or just simply misplace them, but the key chains are designed in a way that they have a ring that can be worn on a finger or some of them have a hook that can be put onto the trouser loop.

Some car key chains have long chains attached to them. One end of the chain is attached to the trousers or jeans and the other end carries the keys. As soon as the driver alights the car they need to just place the keys in the pocket. The chain ensures that under no circumstances will they lose the keys.

Car key chains are generally shaped in a car. Some of them are emblems of certain car models. These key chains are generally not too flashy. In fact while driving people prefer the multiple purpose key chains such as the Swiss knife; a miniature torture or pen; miniature telephone diary with all important numbers written in them; or miniature tool kit or first aid-box. Some people prefer carrying a simple key chain with their car registration number engraved or inscribed on it, as they may have a tendency of forgetting where they parked the car or may find it difficult identifying their car in case a few similar models are parked around.