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An introduction – It is strange, but true that most people tend to forget what is most essential and require some kind of a reminder. Well, they not only forget, but also tend to lose things. For instance, you will find family members at home or then colleagues at the office searching for their spectacles.

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Apart from this, a vast majority of people have a knack of loosing their keys. This could be their house keys, wardrobe keys, important drawer keys, car keys, office keys, et al. Since the list could go on and on, lets just say that people tend to lose their keys. And how can one safeguard themselves from misplacing this vital unlocking object? The answer is simple, keychains! Surely, you must be wondering that if people lose their keys what would prevent them from loosing their keys attached to key chains? The answer to this is simple. Whether you pick up a fancy keychain or something simple, it is an object you would rarely forget, or would slip your eye. In fact Indian women usually carry ornamental key chain that have a hook attached to it so that they can hang it on the clothes they wear.

Most key chains are designed with a hook so that the person carrying it can immediately place it onto the hook of their trousers. Otherwise they place it into their handbags or pouches. This object is handy not only from the perspective of being a safety measure, but also instead of carrying a set of keys on separate rings, you can carry an entire bunch on a single keychain.

There is a large variety of keychains that are available around the world. In fact every country has their flag or national emblem printed on key chains, which are sold as souvenirs. Being a handy object it is generally preferred as a corporate gift or even a present for someone special. One can select from the simple ones that come in various fancy shape to the larger fancy ones that could be used for other purposes. This include pillboxes, Swiss knives, penknives, lighters, stress balls, etc.

The key is usually considered the symbol of freedom and responsibility. One will notice that a lot of children tend to play with keys, especially games where they imitate their parents or teachers. They consider the key to be one of the major aspects of adult life. Children tend to demand the keys to their cupboards and room. To help them take their responsibility you could hand them a set of keys hung onto a keychain in the shape of their favorite object, animal, bird or cartoon character. This will give them a sense of freedom, responsibility, self-confidence and self-esteem. Only remember to keep a spare set of keys just in case of the accidental loss.

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