Key Chains

There are many people who collect key chains as a hobby. They are fascinated by the miniature objects that are created to be used as an important accessory. This is an essential accessory as it helps people not to lose their keys. Going back to it being a hobby. This is not just a hobby pursued by children, but in fact by people of all ages. Wherever they go, they pick up key chains that signify the place they have visited. In fact every country sells this as souvenirs with their flag, emblems and other objects of significance either printed on them, or they are shaped to resemble the larger objects.

For instance, when you travel around India, you will find in every state handicraft emporium a section for the domestic keychains. Take for example, the miniature Taj Mahal key chains of Agra; or the miniature Kolhapuri slippers of Maharashtra; or key chains carved out of ivory in the southern states of India. These are precious souvenirs one carries for themselves and friends and relatives. They literally work as reminders or symbols of the place of origination.

Some people collect only a particular type of key chain, while others indulge in all types of this object. An example of the former could be key chains of musical instruments; or flags; or Swiss knives; or ornamental ones; or antique ones. Some could even indulge in collecting key chains made of a particular metal or material.

In fact this is the best gift you can give someone who pursues collecting them as a hobby. The more they can find, purchase or receive, the more enthralling it is for them. Some collectors have a habit of writing a small note regarding each key chain that they have. This note would contain how and when they acquired it and would be attached to it.

This may not be a hobby with hefty returns if they have to be sold, but it does give the collector immense pleasure. Yes, one can earn money from this hobby if the collection includes antique pieces or the ones that belonged to people of fame. Otherwise it is just a leisure and pleasure hobby. And then for some fashion conscious people it is a matter of matching their key chains with their attire for the day!